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Mankind with a Simple Vitamin E Supplement

This Vitamin May Change the World

XRay-Protection.Com offers an unequaled and unique form of vitamin E that has received an International Patent (WO2009/126866A2) - “as a Radioprotective Countermeasure Agent...for protecting the body from radiation-induced injury and radiation-induced mortality". Soon thereafter, this same unique vitamin E molecule received a U.S. Patent (#8846653) - for the "Treatment and Prevention of Pancreatic Cancer". Our mission is to offer this special vitamin E to persons at high risk of exposure - astronauts, nuclear energy workers, radiation technicians, radiologists, patients undergoing medical X-rays and/or CT scans, dentists and staff, pilots and crew, frequent flyers, airport scanner workers, abusers of smartphones, microwave devices, monitors, and those in the path of fallout from nuclear accident, terrorism or war.

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This incredible vitamin is completely natural, plant-derived, non-toxic, bio-compatible, rapidly absorbed and distributed, and FDA-GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) Certified. This special vitamin E was first discovered in a rubber plant in the 1960s then considered a novelty until in 1980s, researchers found it lowered cholesterol in chickens, then later in humans. Research now reveals the source is also important. The ONLY pure, unadulterated, Tocopherol-free (Tocopherol-free is important as new research reveals that Tocopherols actually interfere with the absorption and functions of Tocotrienols!), natural source of ONLY Tocotrienols is from the tropical rainforest plant whose scientific name is Bixa Orellana. Its common name is Annatto in English, Achiote in Spanish, and Urucum in Portuguese.

Subsequent research is now revealing many new benefits (beyond the older vitamin E Tocopherols). Tocotrienols have been extensively studied and research is now revealing new biological properties including anti-cancer, anti-diabetes, anti-hyperlipidemic, anti-thrombic, cardioprotective, immune enhancing, protecting tissues and organs as powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agents. This vitamin is now being studied in numerous human clinical trials. To learn more and/or to order, contact us via our dedicated secure fax lines or through this website. Regretfully, "(1) Federal regulators have forbidden - (B) a variety of dietary supplement makers to cite independent scientific research on health benefits from supplements from respected, peer-reviewed scientific journals". However, we believe that every American has a right to access legitimate scientific information. Please make your request for information and/or for an order form as a private citizen indicating for your own personal usage.

Learn how a simple pill can change the way you deal with radiation.
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About Doctor T.

As a U.C. Berkeley graduate, Dr. T., the owner and founder of Xray-Protection.Com, received a B.A. and Ph.D. in cell physiology, as well as a D.D.S. from U.C. San Francisco. His first graduate professor at UCB was Dr. Herbert M. Evans, a co-discoverer of vitamin E. Dr. T. was one of his last students.

Dr. T.'s first academic position was provided by Prof. Nello Pace, department chairman and world famous environmental physiologist. He directed Dr. T. to the remote U.C. White Mountain Research Station, the highest research facility in North America, to study the effects of high altitude on humans - specifically the effects of hypoxia, high radiation exposure due to low atmospheric shielding and the intrinsic and extrinsic generation of free radicals due to oxidative stress from the harsh environment.

Dr. T. continues to use his acquired knowledge to treat patients with obstructive sleep apnea, radiation exposure, mercury toxicity, oxidative stress. Working in Castro Valley, California, he dedicates his life to educating, and helping patients and providing Delta-POWER™ - his flagship brand of Delta-Tocotrienol, totally manufactured in the U.S.A. “Tocotrienols...can suffer oxidation when exposed to heat, air, metal ions, or extreme in pH”. Each packet comes with important specific instructions on how and when to consume the vitamin. Take care of Delta-POWER™ and it will certainly take care of you.


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